If you are ready to stop waiting for permission to be ALL of you, then this is the book for you!

Command Vs Demand

The world, it will not validate You because you demand it, rather when you command it...Personal Power.

Women are Life Itself

Women are the life’s breath of the human race. Yet, we have shame around our bodies and are often disconnected from them.​

Stop Waiting

The intent of this book is to stop the self-loathing, love up the little girl inside of you because she is framing the woman you are.

Real Talk

This book is a conversation starter with your inner self, to grow a seed inside her (your) soul that sprouts confidence, love, and self-support.

It is Your Time

Define your version of woman(hood) without waiting for approval or validation that you are unlikely to receive. Take it for yourself while leaving room for another girl or woman to be who she is or becoming. In doing so, our world change individually and collectively.

You Have Been Told a Lie

You have been taught to cloth + protect your body, but not how to have relationship with it. Honor it for its majesty. There is a disconnect and it is time change that. Connect!

Actionable Steps

Stop Giving Your Power Away examines the meaning of being born female within American culture, the biases, and stigmas and re-frames how to be a woman on YOUR individual terms.

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Get the Book that is Transforming the Way Women Communicate + Feel about Their Bodies

I just read your book and I want to say how wonderful it is! Pure…honest…sacred. I am truly proud of you, Fonda and feel honored to have shared a piece of this road with you!
It is a powerful book that is essential for women, mothers, husbands and fathers to read. It describes how society has and is taking the strength and power away from women. It describes how to begin having the necessary conversations with your daughters so that they are mentally and physically strong enough to withstand the onslaught of cultural and societal conditioning that exist and that you may already accept and participate in. She is very direct, honest and is not afraid of the deep waters of the uncomfortable. She is the perfect woman to deliver this message about our women and our daughters. It is a great book. I highly recommend it if you are a woman, a man, a mother, a father or a husband.
Benny Ferguson
Life Coach

buy the ebook (directly from me)

Buy the soft cover copy (from Amazon)


My desire is for every woman to feel like it is amazing to be one.

I want women engaged in their lives and with each other for support and celebration.

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I loved the book!!! Perfect timing for me as I am soul searching. I can feel you through your words. Great job!
Mary Son