You have been told that being nice is what you are supposed to do. And that ‘Nice Guys’ finish last and this is true.

There is a reason for that. Nice doesn’t expect to get the best, go first…everyone else goes before Nice. Nice hopes that it will be recognized and acknowledged. Nice gets the scraps.

Are scraps enough for you? Probably not. There is no mistake that you are reading this. NOW is the time to make a new decision. A new choice and get more out of your life.

Leaders don’t wait to be called, they don’t worry about what others will say, they get ‘out there’, challenge themselves, challenge the status quo and Go For It!

You think you are ready? for more life? more You? more happiness?

A closed mouth don’t get fed as the saying goes…It is so true. It is ‘nice’ to think that others should know how to treat another person, however, AND the truth is often you have to show and demonstrate what you want from another person.

You have been conditioned to be the good girl or the nice girl, only that girl doesn’t have a voice, an opinion or true power. She is a doer for others, for everybody, except herself.

What if, instead of waiting for someone to ask you what you want, you asked yourSELF what you want and then went and did that? WithOUT a care and withOUT guilt of what it may look like to someone else?

Observe someone you know, who knows HOW to take or receive. They make it look easy, they ultimately don’t give a rip about what someone else thinks about who they are. Could it be possible that they aren’t heartless, it is just that not following their heart hurts MORE than the alternative.

Nice…worries about what it looks like to another.

Nice…worries about how someone else will take it.

Nice…puts itself last.

Nice…wants to be accepted and will do just about anything to be in good standing with another.

Nice…follows desire whole and the only one suffering is you.

NOW is the time that Nice had a funeral. It is the time that YOU went for what you wanted and not gave a rip about being accepted by another. Consider this: the more that you accept your truth (the real you), the people who accept the real you, will come to play and the ‘others’ fall away.

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