Don’t Give Up Your Power

One of the ways, we give up our POWER is not daring to dream. You blink and boom you are a grown up. You feel like you must choose between grown up responsibilities and your imagination. The truth is you can have both. It may not be easy, but it is NOT impossible.

What if you could dream outloud?don't take it personally meme_mini

What if you could achieve your dreams?

What if you didn’t compare yourself to others?

You are as unique as a fingerprint.

If you want the answers, you gotta be willing to go inside.

The questions you may be asking are, ‘How do I find out what the dream of my life IS?’ and ‘How do I find the time to allow my dreams to come to my mind?’ and ‘How long will this take?’

The answers may surprise you:

1. Allow the things that you are passionate about to come up for you. You don’t have to wrestle it(them) to the ground, shouting, “Dreams, where are you?! Hurry up, I don’t have all day!!!” Would you show up if someone were looking for you in this manner?

The social news is flooded with living your ‘life purpose’ and making this your new career path (it is not to say that this does not or can’t happen). It is not mutually exclusive. You can express your passions through motherhood, playing a sport or travel, it can look anyway you want. These outlets allow you to dream fully, not because you HAVE to do it, rather that it brings you joy, which will bring you to the next passion or deepen the existing one(s).

2. This will answer the last two questions: It takes as long as it takes, because there is no rush. Your desires and passions are always subject to change and that is quite alright. Birthing your dreams (read: admitting to yourself that you even have dreams outside of your existing life can make you feel selfish, but the truth is, it is always fun to be curious and passionate about something else/new. It is the human condition.) without practice, it may feel foreign to you, however AND just notice if you find yourself excitedly talking about something new, researching it, taking a class is the right beginning.

I digress, you can find the time in the small spaces: the shower, right before you fall asleep, your commute, while waiting in line, cooking…anywhere. Just consider it, let the dream live. Figuring out the how, will squash it like a bug. Keep an ear out as to whether or not you can share this new dream with others, unknowingly they may do the same thing to it. Instead, feel the possibility of this dream and when you have more time, investigate it, write it down.

Living by default or unconsciously sucks, thus draining your power. Dare to dream and allow it to live and always ask yourself what is next? But DearOne, don’t ask your brain, ask your heart. They are not the same answer.

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