The Land of Being Nice

You have been told that being nice is what you are supposed to do. And that ‘Nice Guys’ finish last and this is true. There is a reason for that. Nice doesn’t expect to get the best, go first…everyone else goes before Nice. Nice hopes that it will be recognized and acknowledged. Nice gets the […]

Don’t Give Up Your Power

One of the ways, we give up our POWER is not daring to dream. You blink and boom you are a grown up. You feel like you must choose between grown up responsibilities and your imagination. The truth is you can have both. It may not be easy, but it is NOT impossible. What if […]

Productivity & Social Media

Social Media and Your Time Do even remember what your life was like BEFORE social media? Do you wonder, how to get stuff done when it doesn’t feel like you have enough time in a day? Do you often feel inadequate, because it is impossible to get your To Do List all nice and Sharpied […]