The Truth of You

You are not broken. You have unchallenged thoughts to challenge and change.

Your body follows the direction of your mind. Clean up the mind, everything changes.

This is simple to type, not so easy to live (without devoted practice). I get it.

You look picture perfect, at the very least ‘fine’.

You are the ‘strong’ one and the people around you don’t even ask or listen closely.

You are the walking wounded. You are used to swallowing your feelings whole while hiding in plain sight.

You go from anger to sad to numb and back again, your own personal hell.

I used to BE you. In and out of relationships, looking for my happy…always outside of me. I never found it ‘out’ there.

I help independent women self-mother herself + rest deeply, so that she can be free to dream again.

It is Time to Unlearn

Society Says In Order To Be Happy, You Have To Conform / Be Normal + The Same As Everyone Else In Order To Be Happy.

The Problem Is Happiness Can’t Be Found In A Box And By Accident You Let Your Dreams Die As You Were Busy Ticking Boxes Aka Following The Rules

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