Olivia Pope’s Sexual Energy

Olivia Pope

What, Olivia Pope knows, maybe we should take notes.

Do you use your energy for good or evil (in my best Austin Powers’ voice)?

No matter your opinion about the show Scandal {shrugs} you may not even know it exists…However AND I am sharing this with you because as a woman you must know how to succeed in a way that serves you.

All too often, we, ladies lose our power when we try to push our way to get the results we want.

Not using your feminine sensibilities, often times it leads to not liking yourself, others not liking you and sheer exhaustion.

Exhaustion, you ask? Yes. While every person has both feminine and masculine energy AND depending on your comfort level, you may feel more inclined to sit in one energy versus the other, it is good to know which energy to use and when.

Have you ever had the experience when you are trying to get your point across too aggressively, pushing uphill and the kick back you received wasn’t favorable?

This is a result of using your masculine energy incorrectly.

On the other hand, have you ever had the experience where you collaborate (pull in) and achieve the desired result?

This is using your more innate feminine energy to your advantage.

The tv series is not to say that one should use the mystique of sex to ‘win’ (no judgment), it is just a visual example of how YOU could move obstacles and create ‘a’ way out of no way.

The question here is now to use your energy appropriately so that you can get what you want and conserve your energy.

How have you noticed that using masculine or feminine energy has pulled in or repelled the results you desire?


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Fonda Clayton

Fonda Clayton

Fonda Clayton is the founder of 5D Self Mastery, a community based platform for those who are ready to own their sovereignty and embody their Sacred Wholeness. She helps women recognize that splitting themselves into pieces and parts of themselves is disempowering and will always have them looking outside of the self for validation. Fonda is a Certified Life Coach, Polarity Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, published author, podcaster and Mother of Personal Freedom.

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