Love Yourself with Wild Abandon

love yourself to embrace you

How to Fall in Love with Yourself Practically

To have room and capacity to love anyone and everyone in Humanity, you must first prepare a space for yourself to love yourself up, this takes compassion and grace.

You must cultivate wide, thick, roppy mature roots, this takes selfless and selfish practice.

You never ‘arrive’ because there is always something to unlearn and discover about yourself.

Lies (you believe and tell about yourself) are the bottle neck to love.

They must be uprooted. Gentleness is required.

It is socially acceptable to be self effacing (self loathing) in the presence of other people, so to be and do the opposite is a revolutionary act.

You didn’t come here to be like everyone else and in order to help humanity heal, you must not tell lies about yourself as everyone else is mindlessly agreeing to do.

Be revolutionary: Love Yourself in in Plain Sight : flaws and all

Society has taught you to reject yourself until you achieve X, Y or Z.

This is the lie of the Matrix.

The truth is to love yourself through the tough spots aka flaws + through the meantime (all of life experience is the meantime.)

Instead be ruthless and practice daily:

  • 1. Be Loving: create the space for the Infinite possibilities of the day because you Know that the Universe has your back/front and sides.
  • 2. Be Truthful: what do you want to do with this life you have, not what you think you can have but what you truly desire. Reach for that.
  • 3. Be Compassionate / Gentle: what is best and right to do in this moment, because you have perfect timing. This means no endless to do lists.
  • 4. Be Forgiving / Gracious: if the day doesn’t go according to plan, how will I allow it and let it go immediately so it doesn’t taint tomorrow.
  • 5. Be: you can do none of this well without breath. Trust that you are enough as you breath in and out and await / decide what to do next.

As you do this for yourself: you simultaneously have space for people in your world and people of the world. Yes, even the bits you don’t love, like or accept.

You have space for this because you have done your practice. This is where you transmute energy.

This is where Love can fall IN.


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Fonda Clayton is the founder of 5D Self Mastery, a community based platform for those who are ready to own their sovereignty and embody their Sacred Wholeness. She helps women recognize that splitting themselves into pieces and parts of themselves is disempowering and will always have them looking outside of the self for validation. Fonda is a Certified Life Coach, Polarity Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, published author, podcaster and Mother of Personal Freedom.

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