Courage is Required in the face of Anxiety but we don't have to do it alone

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3 Core Things You can do in your life to decrease your anxiety during this crisis + Beyond

Self Care

Here are some things that we discussed in this video. What else can you do to take control of your emotions?

  • Bath or Foot Soak in Epsom Salt
  • Essential Oil in a diffuser OR a few drops in a warmed pot of water
  • Morning Ritual – Get Dressed, Make Your Bed
  • Gratitude List

Meditate - quiet space + 15 minutes

Tapping - EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique] 


  • Thymus Tapping
  • Evening Ritual – i.e. what time will you put your phone down?
  • Exercise
  • Yoga –
  • Rest – Naps – Sleep
  • Limit TV watching
  • Sex – Self Pleasure
  • Start a Side Passion or Business



Please do your due diligence and research as I nor Elethia are medical doctors. I am sharing this with you as this is a regime that I use daily to maintain my health and energy levels.

Create Community

  • Video Chats
  • Work Sessions via Video
  • Store runs
  • Meal Swaps
  • Group Text Chat
  • Seek out groups that feel Good and Light
  • Join a private safe community : Here
  • Get the highlights of news in the morning and the evening. In between, STAY AWAY!
  • Limit conversation about the virus – you are spinning your wheels. Instead, talk about how to improve your health.
  • Learn something new – relearn something with ‘fresh’ eyes
  • Stop Giving Your Power Away [book] + Masterclass 

Intention - How to Create Your New Normal

  • Don’t look for things to go back to ‘normal’. It no longer exists.
  • Mourn what was for a time and then make a plan or you are living by default

Ask Yourself:

  • What things can I do to create to joy today? Ask as many times as you need to…
  • What parts of ‘this daily routine’ will I keep?
  • What have you found yourself not missing about your old routine? How or when can you stop doing these things?

We are all in this together.

Thank you for taking this time out for you!

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