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You know that happiness isn't an outside job but...

The pressure cooker that is society says that you gotta have X in order to be happy.

The thing is you are sad + mad because it doesn’t look like an IG story or a movie.

Does this mean that enjoying the holidays will forever be out of your reach?

Busy Busy

No time to think about all of that…

You have said yes to a thing that you don’t really want to go to but you said yes already, or…

You have to bring the thing to the place + make nice with the person you don’t like because you don’t want to make the host upset, or…

You host your family and that pit in your stomach won’t go away until waaay after the new year.

Whatever the version :: you are tired just thinking about it

:: YOU tell yourself year after year that next year will be different.
:: YOU fall into the quicksand soup of sadness + don’t emerge until the spring.
:: YOU just hope you can make it through without too many battle scars.

And to think, YOU couldn’t wait to become a grown up.

Most of these folk you don’t even like + they don’t get you. But, every year you are stressed + stretched too thin.

What if...

What if you could celebrate your life, not when the calendar dictates it, but when you decide?

Imagine: not waiting for the perfect ‘whatever’ or ‘whomever’ to show up or having to live up to someone else’s ideal about how things should be (done).

They say you can’t choose your family, but that’s not true. You can create a framily :: handpicked people who love you and lift you up.

You can choose to make your own holidays that align with your values and make you feel like truly celebrating (on purpose).

This course, you will have a plan for how to celebrate and why to celebrate. According to the new rules that you make!

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