Waiting for Permission Gives Up Your Power

Your power is giving yourself the green light

Dreamless One of the ways, we give up our POWER is not daring to dream. You blink and boom you are a grown up. You feel like you must choose between grown up responsibilities and your imagination. The truth is you can have both. It may not be easy, but it is NOT impossible. What […]

Give Yourself Permission to Succeed Now

Let Yourself Be Great Giving yourself permission to succeed takes courage beyond measure. The truth is, it can paralyze you with scrutiny, criticism and self doubt. WHO do you think you are? But the real question is: who would you become if you allowed yourself to succeed? You want more, but are afraid to say: […]

Don’t Confuse Feedback with Failure

Whoever told you that failure exists told you a big fat lie. Failure doesn’t exist it’s just feedback of how to do something differently. Don’t believe the hype. You are not alone, I bought the t-shirt too. When I think about when I tried on rental roller skates for the first time, I was thrilled […]

The First Step to Following Your Heart

1st Step To Follow Your Heart The first step in following your heart is being open (receptive) and asking yourself questions. Pull out the big Q’s. The Needle Movers Ask yourself: The knee-jerk response is letting the brain answer these questions. If you do that, rarely do you get juicy, light answers that make your […]

How to Stop Needing Validation from Others

Self Validation is the path to creating the freedom you desire. Daring to validate yourself is risky business. ‘You mean to tell me that you can honor yourself and your parts without bashing yourself?’ What kind of freak are you? You must be some kind of bitch, conceited and sort of a pariah. Nobody wants […]

Tap into Your Inner Genius: Decision Making Tips and Reflections

Have you ever wondered how some people make decision making look so easy? The person in the photo is toddler me. This person (me) was imaginative, creative, playful, sensitive and very loving. In the effort to prepare me for life, I was convinced by my father and my teachers that creativity wouldn’t get me very […]

Bending Over Backwards

Ever wonder how some people seem to get what they want but you feel like an outsider in your own life? You bend over backwards for the people in your life EVEN strangers. You do everything ‘right’: you don’t cause a fuss, you color inside the lines, you keep your head down, you don’t ask […]

Why is Adulting So Hard?

Beyond anything I could have imagined, Adulting is Hard Adulting is hard! Am I right? Why were we in such a hurry to grow up? There are some benefits to being an adult, but YO, for the most part, this is for the birds (on the surface). Taxes, responsibilities, and bills, lots and lots of […]