Due Diligence

You are in the right place if...

You are not new to the idea of coaching, but a lot of folks in the coaching space seem like they are a carefully curated Instagram story or grid. They are perfect. And you are over it!

All you know is that somebody has the happiness volume to your life turned down and you wanna throat punch them.

You are a good girl turned good woman. You went to school, you have your passport, you educated yourself about wine or whatever has tickled your fancy, but…
You don’t want pretty memes. You want solutions to the problems you don’t look like you have. It seems like you have it all…whatever that is (sarcastic snort).
You have done all that ‘they’ say you need to do in order to ‘be’ happy…but you are not.
Something just ain’t clicking for you. You want it to be different NOW!

The paradigm is shifting. It is time to use your voice to shape the narrative.


COOL! Cool! cool!

Now is Your Time!

…to awaken + acknowledge your dreams. To choose yourself on every level: Emotional. Mental. Physical. Spiritual. Accept AND embrace all of your selves. 

My name is Fonda Clayton + I am here to support your feminine EXPRESSION–boldly and without apology.

I believe that when a woman exists in compartments within herself, this is a recipe for discontent, vague sadness, and even disease.

Fonda brings a deep Soulful listening and a rare combination of intensity and empathy to her coaching practice enabling her to be a truly effective “wholistic healing coach”.
Farra Allen
Director, LifeWorks School of Coaching
A sincere and heartfelt thank you. I have a peace that has passed my understanding.
Cheranissa Roach
Life Coach
Prior to working with Fonda I was struggling with finding how to pursue my avocation while maintaining my vocation. She allowed me to share my fears and concerns, but also offered strategies that have helped my avocation take flight. My thinking and mindset have changed thanks to my work with Fonda. Now I finally feel that I am living on purpose.
Rhonda Graves
Human Resources Manager